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RULES written by SouNd, 2011-06-23 11:49 CEST (2 comments)

Check in: 20:45 CET
Brackets: 20:58 CET
Start: 21:00 CET
Friday: 22/07/2011
mIRC: #symbole

Admin : SouNd

Website Server: www.Liberty-Game-Hosting.fr


* Send problems and scores by PRIVATE MESSAGES in Admin.
* Every player has to record demos; if you can't give your demos when asked for, your clan will be disqualified.
* One player from each team has to idle on #symbole during the cup.
* Specs are only allowed if both teams agree.
* If you don't check in, you wont participate in this cup.
* Forfeits will be given after 10 minutes.
* SLAC is forced, your team will be disqualified
* Linux users are allowed to compete, but they have to prove that they are using Linux (/cheaters & screenshot).
* ETPRO/PB GUID have to be 6 months old.
* Players with CB / ESL Banned are not allowed

For the final, that will be played on ETTV, both teams pick one map from the mappool.
Incase a third map has to be played, the winner of the cointoss will eliminate the first map. Loser of the cointoss chooses side.




Round 1 : supply
Round 2 : delivry
Round 3 : adlernest
Round 4 : b4

#1 written by Anonymous (Avari), 7 years, 4 months ago
Way to go on this essay, hepeld a ton.
#2 written by Anonymous (Kemo), 5 years, 10 months ago
I agree coeelptmly! I agree coeelptmly! Linux have matured a lot, as in it is *usable* by a non-geek user now with ease. I've installed Linux on my parents computers about a year ago and they have absolutely no problems with using those. My mother used to be all windows and my father have not used computer since C64 times. Both are quite proficient in using they're installations to what they needs are OO documents, Internet & Mail. They don't play games, so Linux is perfect cause it's easy (now) and virus free.
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